Monday, May 13, 2019

More flowers...

I created this flower by layering alcohol inks on Yupo paper. I start with diluted ink in small squirt bottles. After dropping some ink on the paper I blow it in different directions using a straw. The final layer is full strength ink with some more diluted ink in the areas that were too dark. I have to say, a couple of breaks were needed to avoid getting dizzy! I am tempted to buy an airbrush to move the ink around. I will definitely need to if I decide to make larger work. This one is on 9" x 12" Yupo. Any larger and I might pass out.

I am just about out of Yupo paper. I ordered a pad of 5" x 7" from Amazon last week, but it seems to have gone missing. The new expected delivery date is Wednesday, according to Amazon. When I enter tracking at UPS, their site says they have no estimated delivery because they haven't received the package yet! Amazon customer service couldn't really help. They just said contact us on Thursday if you haven't received it by then. In the meantime, I ordered another pad with guaranteed delivery by Tuesday. I can't remember if the first was guaranteed delivery, but it was Prime free shipping. We shall see how it all works out. Without paper, perhaps I will get more pots made!!

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