Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Kicking it up a notch

I have been using affordably priced watercolor paper. Not the cheapest, but pretty darn close. I have two pads, one is Strathmore, the other Canson (which I prefer). I recently watched a video comparing the results of the less expensive paper and Arches 100% cotton paper. The difference was rather dramatic. I decided I needed to give it a try. I ordered a pad to start with. It's also sold in blocks that are a little more spendy. If I like this perhaps a block is in my future. My other splurge last month was some better brushes. They weren't too expensive and were recommended by a few different "youtubers". While I have tried out the brushes and love them... I haven't given the paper a go yet.
Maybe tonight.
Stay tuned for a review.


  1. About a year ago I bought 2 pads of watercolor paper. Got out the brushes I hadn't used in ages too. And when I next cleaned the house, they were shoved somewhere out of the way. Haven't painted yet. You go girl!

    1. Sounds like me... I had a self-healing cutting mat and hadn't seen it in years. I thought it was lost forever and was ready to buy a new one. The other day I opened an art portfolio that I hadn't looked in since the last move. Low and behold, there it was! Glad I didn't go out buy another.


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