Saturday, May 25, 2019

Put A Price On It

Alcohol Ink with Doodles

The paintings are starting to pile up around here. I decided that some of them would become greeting cards. Not only for my own use, but perhaps to start selling them. I ordered card stock and envelopes, along with some plastic sleeves. Last night I decided to research what handmade cards were selling for on Etsy and was totally blown away! There were shops selling cards for as little as $1.79! Granted, some were done with cut outs from a cricut machine, with jewel embellishments... but they were well done. You can't buy a decent card from a well known company for less than $4. The last time I looked at cards in a store, every one that I liked was $6.99 and up! I found a watercolor artist selling beautiful cards with miniature watercolor paintings for $5 and free shipping. I am tempted to order some.
I felt a little better after searching specifically for cards created with alcohol inks. Most sellers prices were $8+. The art on my cards could easily be framed by removing the painting from the card. That all being said, if I don't sell any cards I have plenty for my own use!


  1. I've always thought pricing was tough. You're doing some beautiful work.

  2. Love what you are doing with these.
    Eight dollars is an excellent price for a small work of art. Perhaps if you included instructions for removing the painting from the card, buyers would see that they are purchasing more than a card.


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