Saturday, March 16, 2013

An army of pigs

I haven't had a whole lot of time for blogging this week. Our good friend Rob was on spring break from his college gig and stayed with us for a few days. In between visiting and cooking up some fun meals, I still had all those piggy banks to finish. It seemed like it took FOREVER. Last night I assembled and glazed piggy banks in my sleep. I woke up feeling like I did a whole night's work... but when I opened the studio door this morning, a whole lot of pig bodies were still waiting for me.

But now they are DONE and there are a few new designs in this herd of swine...

In between the swine there was a mug order to complete.

I think this week may be a little more productive.


  1. Well hope those cute piglets bring home the bacon! Sorry couldn't help myself !

  2. Sandy, they do bring home the bacon... and that is why I keep on making them... and they make me smile!

  3. Swirling spring swine on a slow Sunday.

  4. It takes a fine swine to stay in line!

  5. oh Meesh, so pretty, the pigs and their new pattern, delightful!

  6. Have you seen the little piggies...


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