Sunday, November 22, 2009

building a wood kiln!

the new hampshire potters guild has been working on rebuilding the community wood kiln for some time now. the kiln, as some of you already know, is located at Al Jaeger's beautiful property in deerfield, NH. jeff is the "foreman" of the kiln rebuilding and we spent yesterday out there with a handful of volunteers. i don't know much about kiln building but with a little instruction i was soon cutting and laying bricks (under close supervision!). it was a gorgeous november day to spend working hard outside. when it was too dark to work outside we headed back to the pottery in northwood and finished loading the bisque kiln...all in all a very productive day.

pictured above is the kiln shed...a rather impressive structure that houses not only the NHPG kiln but one recently built by Al, Maureen Mills and students from NHIA

one of many brick piles...but they are getting smaller!

mugs recently fired in Al's kiln

Al delivering some bricks in a basket

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