Tuesday, November 3, 2009

the mystery's we leave behind...

john's brother joe and his wife cindy visited nh this week...on monday we went through some boxes of framed art that john had been moving around with him for over 30 years. when i moved in with him it was all wrapped up and stored away...i wasn't sure what any of it was. when i moved last spring i put them in boxes and stored them in the basement of my new home. the three of us spent monday morning unwrapping the artwork and deciding what we each wanted to keep... there were a few things that i knew i couldn't part with... this particular piece really spoke to me. i wish john had had the time to tell me the story behind it...

slipped into a clear pocket behind the the photograph was a quote by french jouranalist regis debray:
to the
of value
is the
fact that
we die.

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