Friday, December 11, 2009


today is the one year anniversary of nh's devastating ice storm. tomorrow it will be one year since john died. last year i spent this evening in our living room, sitting in the big leather office chair next to his hospital bed. holding his hand, in the darkness. my daughter close by on the sofa.
we couldn't light candles because of the oxygen...john's cadillac of a hospitable bed deflated with no power. he assured me he was "o.k.". i didn't sleep much that night and the next day still no 7pm under the light of the full moon he left this earth and was on to his next journey.

...for weeks it felt like my world stopped and i couldn't understand why everyone else's world continued...

a year has passed. 12 full moons. i miss him everyday...but cry less often. i know he is watching me and i hear him say "good job, grasshopper"

~John Zentner ~


  1. One does wonder how the sun comes up the next day after such a loss. I think our loved ones affectionately watch over us too. I am sure John is proud you are doing so well and continuing to make beautiful pottery. Wonderful photo of him – it captures his warmth and love.

  2. Oh gosh, he was the nicest guy and I liked him so much :)

  3. john took this picture of himself in front of the kiln after he/we rebuilt it...he was so proud of himself. i think his true spirit shows in this picture and every time i look at it i feel like he is looking at me.


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