Monday, December 21, 2009

travelers rewards!

we have been traveling on the cheap this trip, staying with family and friends when we can. the night in seagrove we splurged and stayed at seagrove stoneware inn and pottery (great place with great potter hosts - TY David and Alexa!) while in rockingham we stayed at the holiday inn express and became "preferred customer" members (membership is free!!!!!) so last night (actually early morning) we roll into harrisonburg, va and decide to stay at the holiday inn again... because we now belong to this very exclusive club. we not only earned points towards future stays but also got a little bag of goodies as a "gift" at check in. this is a picture of what was in the bag...

one bottle of water, two mints, two hershey kisses & a bag of animal crackers

we were wondering.................................why wasn't there a condom in there too? ? ?

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