Wednesday, January 13, 2010

morning coffee've surely read my posts about ALLLLL the pots in my cupboards... choosing a mug for coffee in the morning always takes careful consideration. do i want(or need!) a BIG mug or am i in mood for something petite... porcelain? stoneware? wood fired? textured? so many things to take into consideration when you are first waking up in the morning. so here is today's selection...

wood fired mug by bill van gilder, gapland, md
bill and john zentner were in the pottery making business together many, many years ago

the handle on this mug is great and i love how my lips feel on the rim - it is only glazed on the inside and is kissed by wood ash on the outside.


  1. THE Bill Van Gilder! bill and jz went to high school together in frederick, maryland. both (obviously) very influenced by the late byron temple.

  2. Love all the pots in your cupboards! Everything tastes so much better served in or on handmade pottery – very cool you have so many great pieces to choose from!

  3. Wow, great mug, such colors. I added your blog to my blog roll, thanks so much for the info on the suppliers.


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