Monday, January 11, 2010

there is a new blogger on our street!

jeff brown has started blogging! be sure to check it out.

this picture of jeff and me was taken by heather gwinn last summer during a wood firing at wiley hill mudworks in londonderry, NH. heather makes face jugs and luminaries, you may remember that i got a kitty luminary for my bday last october. aside from being an awesome sculptor heather is a very talented photographer. seeing this picture made me realize that i was finally happy again! the look of sadness was no longer weighing heavy on is still there deep inside but isn't lingering on the surface on a daily basis.
...and look at us in our flannel shirts welders gloves...tres chic as georges le soq would say!


  1. Hi Michele, aw, what a special photo, so nice to have a reminder of wonderful memories. My husband's family is from Newport, New Hampshire and we plan on going up there this spring when the snows melt (if they ever do).

  2. Hello Michéle, I received your lovely cup today! : ) I love it and the bead! Thank you! Very sweet picture of you two…I am glad you are happy again!

  3. hey jewels - glad the mug arrived safe, sound and timely. enjoy!

  4. I just now saw this post... I love that picture so much! I'm glad the two of you let me take it! Miss you both, terribly!



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