Tuesday, January 5, 2010

pizza, pizza, pizza

i love pizza. i love making pizza. i used to make my own dough but some years ago got lazy and started buying dough balls from the grocery store...my favorite is from portland pie company. danielle and jay gave me a pizza peel for christmas. i had been wanting one for some time now but the only ones i found had reeaallyy long handles...i would have to stand across the kitchen to slide my pie in the oven! but anyway...they found one that was just the right size.
so last night i thought i would make not one...but TWO pizza's...because leftovers are the BEST!

the one on the left is sausage, pepperoni & onion, 3 cheese, and the right is chicken, bacon, artichokes, black olives, onions, 3 cheese blend with feta too!!

next time i think i will make my own dough...
AND this morning a slice for breakfast along with coffee from home, NOT dunkin's was damn good! especially in one of these "meesh mugs"...they will be on Etsy later if you think you need to own one...


  1. those mugs are f##king awesome Meesh, the pizzas too---I seem to make a pizza every day, also using a paddle, on the stone. I am always tinkering with my recipes--it is a very POTTERish thing, baking pizza, doncha think?

  2. pizza is absof@#4lutely a potterish thing! tom gray makes pizza too... send me or post your dough recipe (if it isn't top secret).

  3. Hello Michéle! I am excited as I just ordered one of your BEAUTIFUL mugs! Yay! Your pizzas look yummy! I am going to have to try making a chicken, bacon, artichoke and black olive pizza – it sounds very tasty. Can hardly wait for your mug to arrive! : ) Thanks!

  4. hi jewels...thank you for ordering a mug! it is boxed up and i will ship it out tomorrow. there is also a little extra surprise inside since you are my first etsy sale.

  5. I'll take the one on the right! I never get all the extras on pizza 'cuz I'm the only one who likes it that way. So, typically, I load mine up with jalapenos after it comes out of the oven.



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