Sunday, January 24, 2010


ooh la-la... i own a sexy new cup by elaine fuller!!! elaine hosts a salon night each month at red door pottery in kittery, maine. guests enjoy an evening of poetry reading and or music in a very intimate setting. each event is also a fundraiser for a local charity. along with delicious baked goods, elaine serves coffee and tea in handmade mugs by local potters. if you love your mug or cup you can purchase it and a portion of the proceeds go to the charity of the evening. i knew right away which cup i was going to use...a gorgeous soda fired vessel. elaine took me aside and said..."isn't it so sexy?" of course i agreed and knew right away it HAD to come home with me.

i want to thank elaine for including JZ mugs in many of her salon nights and sending contributions to our local hospice who took wonderful care of both of us through his illness.

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