Thursday, January 21, 2010

i have had very little time for studio work this week since starting the keller william's realty "BOLD" class. it is definitely an intense class and i have spent most of the week working on getting real estate referrals...three new ones thus far!
we have also had snow in varying amounts EVERYDAY since last sunday... i needed a break from making calls and got outside and took some pics of the yard...

the icicles are amazing everywhere!

at least with getting snow everyday it hasn't had a chance to turn dirty and ugly...i have to find something good to say about this white stuff or the winter would seem even longer.

positive attitude...that's my focus for 2010! and while i am at it...

are you or anyone you know thinking about selling, buying or investing in real estate? if so, i can help!


  1. well, I DO AS you know, have 3 house for sale in Hillsboro...sorry that the listing is with Jean Hooker and not you, but maybe that is out of your way...
    anyhow, January is a long slog but I think positively and say "we may have a little snow but the sun is out and it is warm here and New Hampshire is a whole lot snowier than here, and better them than us"
    Be well Meesh, GORGEOUS pots here.

  2. Hey Michéle! Love your positive attitude! That will help you build a good name in the real estate business! When we sold our last house, I left one of my pottery fruit bowls filled with fruit to welcome the buyers to their new home. People remember that kind of thing and it would be a great way for you to promote both of your businesses quickly through word of mouth. Giving away a couple of your beautiful mugs with gourmet coffee or hot chocolate as a thank you/welcome gift could be an ideal promotional strategy!


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