Sunday, January 17, 2010

sunday morning coming down...

...i got up early (for me at least!) and drove down the road to the studio and turned the electric kiln on low. this is the first bisque firing of 2010. it is filled with mostly jeff pots, but i do have a few soup bowls and three pie plates in there. i was on my own for breakfast and decided when i got back home to make myself a hearty "cowboy breakfast". huevos rancheros with BACON!

served on a swirly meesh plate...the mug is one john made for me when he was working out ideas for a line of "lake mugs" for the northwood area...we have lots of lakes and summer residents here, so he made mugs with the names of the different lakes in the region.

since it's a sunday mornin' cowboy breakfast kinda day, this video is right on time...


  1. hope I don't sound sappy, but it must be nice to have John's mug there :)

  2. i like sappy... i am surrounded by his pots and it feels REALLY good. i do miss his guitars...but in reality it was hard to see them and know i wouldn't hear him play again :-(

  3. Can you hear my tummy rumbling!? Your huevos rancheros looks delicious! I think it is darn cool you are a good cook! Have fun at your real estate course today!


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