Wednesday, January 27, 2010

a tribute to dick

my daughter's grampy passed away yesterday. he was a very talented man from thomaston, maine who spent much of his free time creating things in his workshop. his lifetime project was building an amazing circus and carnival. when my daughter was a little girl he declared it finished and sent it home with us to nh. her dad (dan) set it up in our basement and she would bring her fisher price "little people" down there to play with it. after a time, dick was thinking that there were a couple of carnival rides that needed to be re-worked. dan packed up the "show" and brought it back to maine. i recall this back and forth happened a few of times... there was always something that dick needed to tweak or completely rebuild. i have fond memories of dick. he loved laughter and truly found joy in the simple things of life.

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  1. Lovely tribute to Dick. The carnival he made is amazing!! What a wonderful magical world to get lost in!


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