Thursday, February 4, 2010

there's no business like monkey business...

this week has been rough. i have been feeling overwhelmed by the "BOLD" course i am taking, along with finalizing john's estate in probate. when i arrived home this evening there was a package waiting for me and when i opened it, it made my day...
potter gary rith from etna, ny has had an extended house guest named georges le soq. georges is a very handsome and clever sock monkey. he was gracious enough to pose for gary so he could create mugs with his likeness. as soon as i saw the mugs on gary's blog, and being a huge fan of monkeys, i knew i had to have one.

...and gary sent a special surprise as well... an ELEPHANT PENCIL!

my coffee will taste extra special tomorrow in my georges le soq mug... thank you gary!!


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