Thursday, February 11, 2010

dreaming 'bout cats & babies

last night i dreamed that i had to carry a very fat cat along a windy back road... the cat was HUGE. it also belonged to my daughter and i was bringing him back to her. along the way he kept slipping out of my arms and i know that at one point he was talking to me!

this is a picture of sophie (on the left) with her brothers butter and mario... sophie (as many of you know) lives with me and butter and mario stayed with dan after the divorce. butter is a fat cat so he may have been the inspiration for the dream :-)
...the second part of my dream involved my friend janine having a baby that was oh so cute... i am sure she would think my dream was a nightmare since we are both past that stage in our lives!


  1. oh look at your sweet cats, what wonderful dreams you had, so vivid

  2. smooch little kitties!
    Dan must be crazy to divorce you, I am sure he regrets it every day :)


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