Wednesday, February 17, 2010

mmm... creamy, smooth & rich

monday afternoon i picked up 500 pounds of clay from a small supplier in york maine. i usually order from sheffield pottery supply in massachusetts but i really only wanted some porcelain and didn't want to pay for shipping. this supplier carries miller so i came home with their b-mix. i have used miller stoneware before and liked it... but i have to say i LOVE how the b-mix throws! i threw some pitchers and a small bottle - can't wait to get back to the studio today and get some more work done. i think i am FINALLY out of my rut!!!
... no pottery pictures today but i will leave you with a silly one from dinner last month at mark and tom's house...

jeff, bryce & me...bryce is mark and tom's very famous & popular house guest never know where he will turn up!

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