Monday, March 8, 2010

counting down the days...

today is the last day of the real estate class i am taking - the last monday that i have to be up at 6am and out the door at 7:30... HOORAY!  i have learned a lot about myself in this class...not necessarily what the course outline intended and i am okay with that.  i enjoy selling real estate - it can be a fun rewarding job.  i love, love making pots, talking about pots, selling pots, hanging out with other potters... i could go on and on...
in six days jeff brown and i are hitting the road to seagrove, nc once again.  first few nights we will stay with jeff's friend jane at her home in asheboro then the rest of the week at a log cabin/pottery studio that jane owns in seagrove.  i think the pottery highway picture was taken near the studio.  we are getting really excited about the trip and we plan to visit lots and lots of potters.  the last trip we didn't have time to visit jugtown so they are definitely on the list!


  1. Maybe your niche in real estate will become locating prime and soulful places for pottery studios, places for artists and musicians' studios. Like you I like all things pottery and being without access to a studio, I read books and blogs and talk with "real grown up potters" to keep a sense of connection. All the best to you.

  2. thank you bartster...i have had that same idea dancing around in my head. if dream it you can make it happen!

  3. This photo was taken in front of two pottery studios that I have worked at...The sign is in the yard of Richard Gilson's Holly Hill Pottery. Richard passed away a few years ago and now it is for sale...hmmm??? And across the street is Dirt Works Gallery and pottery studio. I can't wait to go...we'll be staying 500 yards from this sign.


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