Monday, March 8, 2010

graduation day!

it's official!  i am a keller williams BOLD graduate :-)

...and tonight is my "friday nite" so i am CELEBRATING!



  1. Congratulations are in order! Well done, now get out there and sell sell sell! Or just take it easy and party down for a while. I recommend the second one first. Then a vacation and possibly a tour through new zealand finishing up with a visit to the guinness brewery (england i think) and a bag full of chocolate croissants (france or italy) and lots of rest and sleep. then the other things

  2. hey ben...i like the way you think! i REALLY want to go to new zealand... but for now i will settle for a road trip to seagrove, nc - there will always be real estate to matter what the location!
    croissants, rest and sleep... good coffee.... tres bien!


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