Saturday, March 6, 2010


it's a gorgeous almost spring-like day here in new hampshire. my plan was to do some laundry, go for a walk and then head to the studio for the day. i got a little sidetracked by my incredibly disorganized office... it was getting to the point where you could hardly see the desk top anymore. it took half the day to sort through stuff and put things away.
...i was too embarrassed to take a before picture

...the fun thing is my friend cindy called to chat and she was organizing her clutter as well... so we were able to catch up on stuff and get our work done at the same time! to the studio now to assemble some oval bakers and get some more glazing done. i promise that the next post will really be about pottery and not this boring mundane stuff.


  1. MEESH! Whaata MESS! I was kinda looking for a Georges mug in there somewhere....

  2. HEY! this is the AFTER i cleaned up picture...
    my fab georges le soq mug was in the dishwasher because i had my morning coffee in it :-)


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