Tuesday, March 2, 2010

stormy weather...

... february was quite a month. john's birthday on the 17th, my league of nh craftsmen jury the 22nd and then we were hit with a phenomenal wind and rain/snow storm on the 25th. we lost power here on bow lake for nearly four days. the storm immediately brought back the memories of my last week with john. many of you know that he passed away during the ice storm of 2008. he was in my dreams two nights ago and it was only the second time since he has been gone. the first few months after his death i so wanted to dream of him and i was saddened that i did not. i belong to a young widows grief group and have learned from others that my experience is not unusual. it was a weird dream, of course, and in it john didn't speak.

it dawned on me today that this stage of grief is like the frost heaves in the road that we have here in new hampshire... they start with little bumps that overnight turn into huge heaves with peaks and valleys...if you drive too fast over them they toss you around and can cause damage... then almost over night, the frost heaves are gone and the road is nearly smooth. that is how february felt for me.
i am looking forward to march and smoother travels.

close up of the bottom of a wood fired oval baker... because after all, isn't this supposed to be a pottery blog?

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