Monday, March 15, 2010

headin' south...

jeff and i hit the road last night around 8:30.  we left new hampshire in yet another wind and heavy rain storm... we drove as far as new jersey.  it was about 12:45 when we arrived at the hotel.  i bought a GPS this winter and we trusted it to navigate us through new york city and in to jersey.  we did just fine and didn't get lost.  when i woke up this morning i looked out the window of our room to this lovely view....

we are staying in a holiday inn express in north bergen, near the lincoln tunnel.

this morning we are stopping at a computer store to pick up a new screen for jeff's laptop... he was going to order it two days ago and realized the store was in jersey and would be on our way.  the shop opens at 11:00 and then we will drive on to asheboro, nc where we will visit with a friend.  asheboro is nearby seagrove so i will consider us having reached our destination late tonight.  i think we have 10 hours of driving ahead of us today... looking forward to it, we have lots of fun together on the road.
...and i promise more interesting posts to come!


  1. I know, Jeffy IS fun, but Meesh is probably even MORE fun.
    You always kinda look around that part of NJ and shake your head in wonder that people live in NJ's armpit like that....or when you think about it with that tunnel there, I s'pose, NJ's azzhole.

  2. Road Trip! I love being on the open rd. Although nyc and jersey isnt really that open. But it's on the way to the open roads i guess. gps is pretty dang helpful isnt it?


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