Wednesday, March 17, 2010

we have arrived in seagrove!

we arrived at jane and frank's in the wee hours of the morning on tuesday... after catching up on some sleep  we went in to asheboro to pick up a few things - a hairdryer (mine nearly caught fire at the hotel in jersery!) and windshield wipers (realized on the rainy ride they were in rough shape) and of course we absolutely had to have lunch at bojangles... jeff's favorite southern fast food joint.  he promised me that we wouldn't eat there everyday... although i have to admit their chicken & biscuits are yummy!
we then headed into seagrove. our first stop was The Great White Oak Gallery owned by potters bonnie and benjamin burns.  they have a beautiful red glaze... be sure to check out their website.

from there we went visit  Dan Triece, Dirtworks Pottery .  Dan's gallery has his own work as well as the work of other potters, jewelers and craftspeople.
later in the afternoon we headed over to the log cabin where we will be spending the next few days.  it is very rustic and hasn't been occupied for sometime now.  we did a little cleaning up and today we will settle in for the rest of our visit.  we are looking forward to experiencing pioneer life surrounded by potteries!!

not sure if we will have an internet connection for the next few days but be sure to check in for updates.

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