Sunday, March 28, 2010

Jugtown Pottery!

there were two places on this trip to seagrove that i absolutely wasn't going home without visiting. one was ben owen's studio and the other - jugtown pottery!  as many of you know jugtown is steeped in north carolina pottery history and you can learn more about it here.  jugtown also has new hampshire connections... in 1968 the organization country roads, inc. purchased jugtown.  nancy sweezy, founder of country roads, came to jugtown to oversee it's operations.  nancy sweezy lived for sometime in wilton, nh.  in addition to that, one of the current owners, pamela owen, is from mont vernon, nh.  pam went to high school at high mowing, the waldorf school in wilton, nh.  she and her husband vernon, along with son travis, are the main potters at jugtown.

it's hard to tell from this picture but this is an old horse-drawn pugmill

the setting of jugtown is beautiful... the trees were just beginning to leaf out.  i imagine this week it is lush and green there.  the log cabin above is the gallery and to the right is another cabin with a pottery museum.  to the left are cabins that house studios and glaze rooms and of course there are a number of kiln sheds.  jugtown was featured in the PBS series Craft in America, season two. if you have the opportunity to see it you will enjoy every minute of it... it's available through netflix... i think i am beginning to sound like a commercial!

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