Thursday, April 1, 2010

good food, good pots

everybody knows that jeff and i have a fabulous collection of pots and that we incorporate them into everyday life.  when we were staying at the log cabin in seagrove we packed a crate of kitchen stuff to take with us. of course we brought our own pottery along too...

our first dinner in the cabin- chicken stir fry with rice and salad- pottery by becca van fleet, andy hampton, jeff brown and cornwall bridge pottery... not sure who made the plate with the candles, we found it on a shelf in the cabins (there was lots of pottery in the cabin).

of course we bought MORE pottery while in seagrove... and above is a picture of an oval dish i bought from stephanie martin... our first dinner at home was grilled chicken with rice & veggies... the picture was rather impromptu so not the best of photographs.  stephanie and her husband jeff dean are "dean and martin pottery" in seagrove... we stopped in because we were intrigued by their name and we were immediately impressed by their work!  not only are they talented ceramic artists... they are welcoming friendly people, have a lovely gallery and adorable dogs!  when our friends rob and martha came to stay with us on the weekend we took them meet stephanie and jeff... that is when i picked out the oval dish and jeff purchased a handsome mug he had been eyeing the previous day.  we are really happy to have their work join our collection.

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