Tuesday, March 23, 2010

a visit to STARworks!

located just outsided of seagrove, nc is the town of star.  star is the home of a really cool place called STARworks.  STARworks is a textile mill transformed into an entrepeneurial center for ceramic materials and research, a glass studio, biofuels center, as well as a micro-eco farm.  nancy gattovi, executive director gave us a tour of the whole facility.  this organization is really going places.  jeff said if he had access to a glass studio like STARworks, when he was in high school, he would be a glass blower today and not a potter!
STARworks ceramics is run by Takuro and Hitomi Shibata.  Takuro was gracious enough to give us an extensive tour of the clay facility.  not only do they sell Highwater clays and many materials and tools, they also manufacture clay bodies made from local north carolina clay.  we couldn't leave without filling whatever space we had in my equinox with bags of clay!!!

above is a pic of jeff standing in front of the huge filter press

this is in front of the BIG pugmill

one of the things i noticed while we were touring STARworks was there were bicycles scattered throughout the interior and exterior of the building... nancy told us that the bicycles are there for the people of STARworks to use to get around town! also in the front of the building was a jogging/walking path made of recycle rubber (i think it was tires).  jeff and i were so impressed by this organization and the people we met there... if you are ever in the area be sure to stop in.

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