Sunday, March 21, 2010

a visit with Ben Owen...

what an amazing week!  i have never seen so many pots and talked to so many potters as i have in the last week. we did not have internet access in the log cabin so i have been unable to post anything to the blog or facebook.  this afternoon we packed up the car and said good-bye to our log cabin home in seagrove.  tonight we are visiting with jeff's sister in king, nc.  tomorrow we head north.  

last thursday we visited Ben Owen's studio and gallery and were fortunate enough to be able to spend some time chatting with him.  his gallery space is gorgeous and his kilns are AMAZING!

the ben owen pot on the right is jeff's birthday present from me (it's a beauty!)... the sake bottle and cup to the right were made by jeff
i have lots more pictures to post from our seagrove adventure so be sure to check back here for new updates.


  1. OMG! yes that is casa de ben in the background. his studio is a huge beautiful building as well and is to the left of the very very large kiln building. he has the ultimate in equipment...a front end loader, log splitter etc... - the kiln doors are on steel tracks suspended over head and just slide shut. we just stood there and drooled! Ben is a very welcoming, nice guy who has really contributed so much to the seagrove community...i feel fortunate to have met him.


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