Tuesday, May 4, 2010

can't keep my hands out of the clay...

we are moving within the month... i really should NOT being making more pots.  i just can't be at the studio and not make SOMETHING!  all my glazing is done, jeff is finishing up with his glazing and the goal is to fire the gas kiln next wednesday. i spent a couple of hours at the studio today and this is one of the things i did...

it's a cat!  but i am not sure it doesn't look like a dog...hmmmm.
the next idea i have dancing in my head are "girly-girls" made of clay.  or maybe i will call them
"swirly girls" :o)

speaking of girly things... a few years back i traded a raku piece and a bowl of candy for this beauty...

it's a two section ceramic purse made by keith martin.  i LOVE IT.  i keep jewelry in it (of course).  i like to tell people that i have keith martin's purse.  keith also makes great pots with frogs on them AND he is a talented caricature artist.  i have been bugging him to get juried into the league of nh craftsmen...since gary rith left the state we need someone new who puts animals on pots.

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