Monday, May 3, 2010

we have had some sultry, warm days here in new england.  a real treat for the beginning of may.  i enjoy the warm weather and i think i will acclimate to north carolina with ease.  i have been keeping up with the local seagrove news online and read the other day that it is strawberry season in NC right now.  we won't have local strawberries until at least mid-june here in NH.  this week our local northwood hannaford supermarket has had cali strawberries on sale and i think they are the best non-locals i have had!  jeff and i bought a carton last night and ate the WHOLE thing!  i went back today and bought another...

they are looking lovely in my berry bowl that john made.  the wine cup on the left is a beauty by new hampshire's chris archer.
i am enjoying the strawberries and wine while listening to a glenn miller orchestra cd.
oh and i almost forgot the important news... i have the honor of being an imaginary cousin of the very famous (and former NH resident) potter gary rith. you can never have too much family (even if they are imaginary)

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