Saturday, May 15, 2010

the continuing adventures of the gypsy potter and swirly girl...

the seats are out of the bus!  once jeff figured out the trick to getting them unbolted it went pretty smoothly... he worked under the bus and i worked inside with a ratchet.  most of the bolts we just snapped off.  when we were done we caulked all the holes with silicone.

one of our concerns was about how to get rid of bus seats... hurray for facebook! we posted that we had seats to give away and very quickly they are almost all spoken for and taken away.  people wanted them for all kinds of things... seating around a campfire, extra seats for a musicians bus... the best one is tree-house furniture!  we are feeling good about recycling them.
today we covered all the windows - i can't WAIT to post pictures of how that turned out.
...we started to load the studio into the bus tonight - tomorrow we load some household stuff and head to seagrove for trip number one.
stay tuned for more of our headin' south in a bus adventure!


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