Friday, May 28, 2010


the environment i live in is important to me... and my mental well being.  right now i feel like i am in limbo.  most of my belongings are in boxes and there are just a few things left hanging on the walls that will be packed as soon as i find boxes to accommodate them.  my home is starting to look generic.

our new home in north carolina will be a challenge but i think it will be fun to creatively make it "ours".  for one, it is a rustic log cabin with a wrap around porch... this makes for dark living spaces.  jeff says in the summer heat and humidity i will come to appreciate it!  my little house in northwood is only a couple of years old - everything is painted white and it's bright and cheery.
our seagrove home is on the main road (great for the pottery business)... and the yard is quite private...the porch will be a great place to relax in the morning with coffee or in the evening with a glass of wine...

porch - not our furniture - we have some that is more comfortable!

kitchen (more counter & cabinets than i have now)

very challenging spiral staircase leading to upstairs...


  1. not sure about gorgeous... definitely rustic and quaint!

  2. That's a real log cabin, how wonderful you'll be on the main street. I know how you feel living out of boxes, we have only the bare minimum here and Gary is on his way to get the rest of our stuff. We have a lot of work to do here and all I want to do is clay. Good luck with your move and settling in.

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