Thursday, June 3, 2010

a memorable memorial day...

while everyone else was on holiday, jeff and i were little worker bees packing the little house on bow lake into the big yellow school bus.  thank heavens for young, strong, james who helped load all the heaviest stuff on saturday.
the hardest part of packing is trying to figure out what to do with your skulls...

doesn't everyone have a skull or two hanging about the house?  this was the tough one to pack because of the long horns...
o.k. so i will admit that the skulls belong to me and not jeff.  when i moved to the little house on bow lake road i took the skulls into the backyard and hosed them off (they were dusty from hanging on the walls of the old place).  unfortunately i went off to work and left them on the back step to dry in the sun.
when i returned that evening they were in the front yard!!!!  what the heck was i thinking... skulls are BONES and the neighbors dog (german shepherd) dragged them to the front yard and chewed on them! this one with the long horns is missing part of it's nose now...oops.
i think the skulls are going to look awesome hanging on the walls of the log cabin.
... we make the next trip to seagrove on june 8th.  in the meantime sophie and i are in the city with my parents.  jeff is bopping back and forth between my parents and northwood.
...and just to squeeze one more thing in.....we are firing the NH potters guild wood kiln this weekend... YAHOO... playin' with fire!!!!

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