Tuesday, June 22, 2010

on with the show...

the kiln is pretty much down and packed into boxes...

it sort of looks like ancient mayan ruins doesn't it?

this is an interior shot of the bus as jeff was loading the bricks.  all of the soft brick is packed in banana boxes... i visited the local hannaford's grocery store everyday (sometimes twice a day!) to pick up banana boxes.  the hard brick was laid out on the floor of the bus and we packed other things on top of them.  jeff kept a close eye on the leaf springs under the bus to make sure we weren't overloaded.  we didn't take all of the hard bricks this trip so that we could keep the weight down.  we plan to finish the job in august.  at this point we will have enough bricks in seagrove to build a smaller kiln.  a smaller kiln means we can fire more often!
tomorrow we hit the road again... our kitties are coming this time.  we are all anxious to get settled in our new home


  1. Didn't know if you knew it or not, but make sure you keep your kitties inside for a couple of weeks till they get acclimated to their new home - one of mine is still not sure this is home and it's been a couple of months and he is the youngest. Good luck with the trip; our bus was 24,000 pounds after being loaded with our stuff.

  2. our kitties are all indoor cats so that is one less thing to worry about...!


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