Friday, June 25, 2010

we are home!

we are in seagrove!  it was a long tiring trip.  we took turns driving the bus and my equinox.  the bus was packed with 2 electric kilns, 1 raku kiln, the bricks and burners for the gas kiln and studio equipment.  the car was packed with cats in crates... my sophie and jeff's three; franny, troixie and IV.  the cats did well for such a long trip... of the 4, sophie had the most difficult time.  now that we are here they all seem to be settling in quite well.
tomorrow the unpacking begins.

franny in her crate... she was the coolest traveling cat.  we think she actually liked her crate!

i took this photo while following the bus on interstate 81... i think we were in pennsylvania

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