Sunday, June 6, 2010

playing with fire!

i have been staying with my parents all week.  i now remember why i left home at a very young age!  while i love my parents, their rigid schedules and super neat freakness causes me stress.  i can't wait to be settled in seagrove.
jeff stayed a couple of nights there and a couple of nights with our friend roni in strafford.  on a good note we participated in firing the new hampshire potters guild wood kiln in deerfield.  jeff started the kiln on friday afternoon, i arrived at 7pm with dinner for us then did the night shift (11pm to 7am) with another guild member.  i spent the better part of saturday trying to recover from lack of sleep!

jeff stoking the kiln

it looks like i am doing nothing, but i was really keeping an eye on the front ports 

jeff and steve cunliffe (mr. president of the guild) taking a break between stokes... sorry steve, i know you didn't want your pic to be on the internet but when you are the prez you do lose a little privacy!

we leave on tuesday for another quick trip to seagrove with the contents of the little house on bow lake.  we will be back in time for the potters guild meeting/picnic & kiln unloading.  so glad we are going to be able to attend!


  1. sunday we unload the kiln... and have a potters guild meeting/picnic. the kiln is at Al Jaeger's in Deerfield...a beautiful location!


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