Sunday, July 11, 2010

boxes, barbecue and a recluse kitty

jeff and i are still working hard at getting settled... the stacks of boxes are getting smaller.  yesterday we worked on getting stuff off of the porch.  we are anxious to be able to use it as a porch again... i keep thinking about sitting on the swing sipping cool cosmos in the evening.... mmmmm.

in the meantime we are eating very well (of course!)... last night i made coconut chicken with mango and papaya salsa...

... sorry for the blurry photo... wine and a steady hand don't go together ;-)

today we are doing the southern thang and jeff is smokin' ribs...
yummy... can't WAIT for dinner :-)

and as for sophie...
she will go up and down the spiral staircase now but still prefers to stay upstairs... we have to bribe her with food to come down.

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