Wednesday, July 7, 2010

what i have learned about NC in 12 days...

i have been here in seagrove, nc for 12 days and this is what i have learned...

the bugs here are MUCH bigger than NH

you can't buy liquor in NC on sunday

for that matter you can't buy liquor in seagrove PERIOD... it's a dry town (i wonder what they sell at the convenience stores?)

the night sounds different... almost tropical (i think it is because of those bigger bugs)

the fruit is sweeter and fresher... i am enjoying lots of blueberries and watermelon this week

there is a lot more pork to choose from in the grocery store

it stays light in the evening a wee bit longer (my imagination perhaps?)

everyone is friendlier... even the people that work at walmart.

the pesticide/insecticide section in stores is HUGE (must be because of those big bugs again)

you can buy snake repellant at walmart (i hope i won't ever need it)

they sell pine needles for mulch at garden centers (in NH we have to pay people to take them away)

biscuits are a food group

... i think i am going to like it here (i ain't afraid of no bugs and snakes!)

tableware in the gallery


  1. Welcome to NC! I'm a displaced Hoosier. And no, it isn't your imagination, it is lighter longer.
    You'll also enjoy the winter - the sun actually shines down here instead of 7 months of gray overcast.

  2. snakes!!!!!!! Gallery is looking good meesh :)

  3. too late to turn back now!!!

  4. Oh the photos of your gallery are so wonderful, they need to be on TV or in a book or something, so cozy and friendly looking - seriously, I just love them. When we lived in Arkansas we learned much of the same things and then some. We could get any kind of seafood we wanted there, catfish, catfish nuggets, catfish fillets, catfish deep fried and a side of slaw and a few hush puppies.

  5. as i was eating breakfast this morning i thought of one more thing...
    the eggs are creamier here!


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