Saturday, July 17, 2010

i got my clay fix tonight!

we had two goals this week:
1. clean the studio and set up our work stations
2. finish up the landscaping at the front of the gallery

#1 is well on it's way to being accomplished!  we both made decisions as to where we wanted to set up our wheels... we still have to set up some shelving for my work space but my wheel is in position and tonight i threw a few pots.  it felt so good to get my hands in clay... of course i decided to throw a large planter and didn't use a bat and couldn't get it off the that ended my work for the evening...

jeff is still out in the studio (10:40 pm) replacing a broken receptacle in his work space... so great to have a handy guy... and one that cooks is the EXTRA bonus :-).

#2 - the landscaping... a whole other story.  last night we got bark mulch, some flowers and a few small shrubs.  our plan is to make the front of the gallery where our sign is located, as attractive as possible... wouldn't you know... we had heavy rain and thunderstorms all afternoon!

this evening we went to our first social event since becoming seagrovians.  we went to tom gray's for his son slate's 18th birthday.  it was a nice time, good food (homemade ice cream!!) and lot's of nice folks.
jeff and i are anxious to get settled and do some entertaining... we have this fabulous HUGE porch that can accommodate lots of guests.  i am thinking that maybe in september we will be ready to host an open house event.

... i think tomorrow is reserve for landscape work (and maybe throwing a few more pots!).


  1. You're so lucky to be located near so many potters. I just might be up there in September and may be able to stop by for your open house, good luck with the landscaping.

  2. Hello Michéle! Sorry it has been so long since I’ve said hi. I am excited that you and Jeff have moved to Seagrove!! I know all the Seagrove potters are excited you are there as well. Your home and gallery looks so homey and welcoming. I have always wanted to take a trip to Seagrove and now I must! Love the shape of your large planter (I forget to use bats sometimes too). Is there anything sexier than a man that cooks?!

  3. Jewels! so glad your back... i hope that you are on the mend now.


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