Thursday, July 15, 2010

it's going to be a PERFECT day.

i have a lot of things dancing through my head these days... even though i didn't get to bed until 1:00 am i was wide awake with sophie at 7:00.  we are tackling putting the studio together this week and our goal is to be able to throw a few pots by tomorrow.  i can hardly wait!

decided to start the day off right... egg sandwich with a little mexican cheese on oatmeal toast with fruit salsa (mango, papaya & few blueberries).  the plate is one of the first ones i ever made... way back when i was jeff's student... the wood fired mug is by tara wilson.
i am a little behind in posting pots for sale on Etsy... but i do have quite a few plates in stock (and lots of mugs!)  send me an e-mail and i can send pictures if you would like to make a purchase.
have a happy day!


  1. That's a delicious breakfast, at least it looks like it is. Good luck with the studio.

  2. Oh, love seeing pots in use, how nice to have your first plate still.

  3. Your first plate? The ones I do NOW don't look that good. You must have a lot of talent and your teacher must be exceptional. It's fun reading about your new adventures in seagrove. Thanks for sharing. PS does EVERYBODY have to set up a new google account with every reply? I keep getting error messages!

  4. you shouldn't have to set up a new account each time... although lately when i comment on other blogs it ends up duplicating my post... then i have to go back and delete it.
    i have had two excellent pottery teachers... jeff brown and john zentner!


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