Saturday, July 24, 2010

look what i found....

my marbles!

unpacked a couple more boxes yesterday... these are marbles from when i was a kid and if i am not mistaken, some where my dads when he was a kid.  he is 83 years old so a few of these have been around along time!  for years they were in an old canvas money bag from merchants bank in dover, nh.  they are fun to sort through so for now i think i will keep them out on the antique dresser.


  1. Does this mean you haven't lost your marbles? (sorry:-)

  2. I used to love marbles when I was a kid and jacks too. do a search on my blog about "I found my marbles" and you can see some clay marbles I made that I lost and then found.

  3. Michael -i knew someone would make that comment!

  4. hey linda- thanks so much for directing me to your post. your clay marbles are really cool. it also reminded me that there used to be some clay marbles in this collection... with 4 kids playing with them they must have gotten lost over the years. there also was a large marble with a picture of a horse's head on it. i know that one was my dad's and last i knew my sister had it... she is the horse lover in the family.


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