Tuesday, July 27, 2010

getting back in the "groove" of making...

i haven't blogged much about clay lately... the whole gypsy potter adventure sort of took over!  slowly getting back in the groove of a "making" cycle.  here is the latest.

12" serving plate with handles

14" serving platter with handles

carved planter

carving on pots is something that i have done very little of... not sure how i feel about this.  i wrapped it back up in plastic tonight so that i can still work on it if i feel it needs some tweaking.


  1. Oh, I like the serving platters with handles. Why is that I gravitate to those forms and they have the most potential for failture, ie. crakcs, yours look great, I think those rims will really help. What is the different clay or is that slip?, very nice.

  2. the clay is T3 from Sheffield Pottery Supply in Massachusetts. it's a ^10 stoneware. i have used it for years but i will be switching now that i am in NC. most likely will get Highwater clay since i can buy it at Starworks in Star, NC
    i have never had problems with cracking using the T3 and it also works well for raku.


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