Thursday, July 22, 2010


the pottery studio is slowly shaping up.  two days ago when i decided to put handles on the mugs i had thrown i realized that i wasn't feeling really good about the position of my wheel.  my first instinct was to move to one of the back walls and place my wheel facing it, similar to my northwood, nh set up... even though i had said that here in seagrove i wanted something diffierent!  jeff came out and helped me make some changes and when we were done i was feeling much better about my new space...

to the right of my wheel is open shelving so that i can keep tools and clay with in reach - pots will come off the wheel to the ware board on my left.  behind me is a counter height set of shelves that i can use for putting on handles, assembling parts, etc...
the lighting and electrical needs a little tweaking but the space is feeling much better now.

...enough fooling around with the 'puter, it's time to get out in the hot sun and do some landscaping!


  1. yay MEESH! Are you guys going to the LNHC show? I was amazed at how horrible the postcard ad for it looked, WOW! Awful work, badly photographed!

  2. we are going to the show at sunapee but not doing a booth. we are volunteering at the NH potters guild, pottery at the fair tent. i haven't seen the postcard but now i am definitely going to look it up.

  3. shop at the fair is what I would do--no upfront costs for me, and shoot, a lot of stuff sold!


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