Tuesday, August 31, 2010

apple picking season! (and it's 90 degrees outside).

in New Hampshire apple picking is a fall activity that usually requires putting on a sweater and driving to the local apple orchard... in Seagrove, North Carolina the apples are ripe NOW. as a matter of fact some of the apples on the trees here at the log cabin are getting a little sparse.  i decided that today was the day to pick some and bake a pie (before the squirrels get any fatter from eating them!).  instead of putting on a sweater, i donned shorts and a tank top to make the trip to the front yard. i picked a basket of apples, came inside and cranked up the AC for an afternoon in the kitchen!

this is an assortment of granny smith, red delicious and winesap... all organically grown, which means they may not be perfect looking and require some trimming.  this basket yielded enough to make a big apple pie and a crock of applesauce.

and BTW, jeff is smoking ribs AND a pork shoulder today... dinner is going to be awesome... don't you wish you were my neighbor?


  1. I am your neighbor!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. hey tom... you are welcome to drop in ANY time. we are eating late tonight (as always).

  3. ooh, smoked meat:) and apple pie:) Looks like you guys are settled in and happy!


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