Sunday, August 29, 2010

birds, plants & pottery

we have hummingbird feeders in various locations around the house and studio... the birds are so entertaining.  here in seagrove we have a different species than the ones commonly found in NH... they aren't quite as colorful but still beautiful...

...and very difficult to photograph! (the bird is on the left if you look very closely).

the garden surrounding the entrance to our gallery... some larger birds have been enjoying jeff's birdbaths

porchulaca growing in the garden... this is the first time i have grown this.  i love not only the flowers but the beautiful leaves as well. 

and i really did get some work done in the studio...

i think we will have another bisque kiln to fire this week!


  1. wicked cool plate with handles down here :) I wonder how many snakes are living in those rocks?

  2. speaking of snakes... yesterday i was walking from the studio to the house and there was a green and yellow snake curled up on the brick walkway... i nearly stepped on him!!!


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