Wednesday, August 11, 2010

cleaning out the northwood studio...

emptying the studio in northwood has been a daunting task.  much of it is overwhelming.  today i took down many of the postcards and posters that have accumulated over many years.  this one i decided to hang on to... too sentimental to let go of...

a postcard from 1985 - Byron Temple  exhibition, Lambertville, NJ.  The address is handwritten.
John's work was hugely influenced by Byron Temple and i am compelled to hang on to it.  it must have had some meaning to him to have carried it with him from Frederick, MD to NH.  i will carry it with me to seagrove, nc.


  1. Aw, memories are good; we have so much stuff in our bus still and are wondering why we even have some of it.

  2. i was wondering if you had unloaded all of your bus yet. can you park it at your house? we still have the bricks for the kiln on the bus. we are planning to finish unloading this week so we can start rebuilding.


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