Monday, August 9, 2010

a great day at the fair...

perfect weather for the League of NH Craftsmen's Fair at Mt. Sunapee Resort, Newbury NH.

jeff and i did demonstrations

james mitchmeyer giving a pottery lesson

mickey cunliffe our faithful assistant!

we will be back to the fair on wednesday to be "fairgoers" and go through the booths and connect with friends... today is a work day.  back to the old studio in northwood to do some more cleaning out... something i am not looking forward too!


  1. Is that a shimpo wheel you're using for the demo? I have a new to me wheel with the same way cool orange body and yellow splash pan.

  2. Back in NH, fair looks like fun, good luck with the final clean up of the former place. Love the raku tile.

  3. yes it is an old shimpo... belongs to a friend of mind. i have a little trouble with the connected foot pedal. i have a shimpo whisper that is about 6 years old and i have been very happy with it.

  4. craftsmans fair - that sounds awesome!


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