Monday, September 27, 2010

glazing... NOT my favorite thing (but you know that already)

the glazing cycle has begun... when we packed the nh studio to move we drained most of the water off the top of our glaze buckets to make them easier to transport.  i spent yesterday adding water and mixing the glazes with the power drill with a mixer attached to it.  there were a few buckets of glaze that had not been used in over three years.  we decided to give some of them a go so they needed to be mixed and sieved.  temnoku was also low... jeff measured out the glaze materials and i mixed and sieved that as well.  altogether it was at least a dozen 5 gallon pails.
it rained off and on all day (which was a good thing, we need it bad) so we set up our glazing station on the covered porch.  it doesn't look pretty but it gives us the space we need and when we are done we can hose everything down and pack it up neatly.
by 7pm last night my arms and back were aching... thankfully this morning everything is working properly!  decided to start the day with my favorite breakfast and then i will head outside to spend the day glazing.

huevos rancheros and coffee.... plate is from Watershed Salad Days 2002 (don't know who made it...i am sure jeff does) and the mug is one of jz's fired in the NHPG wood kiln.
happy monday to y'all!

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  1. yeah, awesome plate! I love glazing and trimming--much more than throwing. because I don't have to think: the piece is there ready to finish or glaze, whereas the blob of clay is nothing yet, therefore I must think blahblahblabbity blab... :) happy Monday!


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