Tuesday, September 28, 2010

wood firing!!!!

i am so excited that we are wood firing with our neighbor dan triece this week.  the glazing is almost done and loading the big anagama kiln starts today.  i brought pots over this morning, jeff will be there all day grinding shelves, applying kiln wash, wadding and loading pots.  i am home holding down the fort (gallery).

dan has a mother cat with a litter of kittens running around the studio and kiln sheds... they are adorable and so much fun to watch.  i will get around to kiln/firing pictures eventually!


  1. What a great spot you have for your pottery. It was good to finally meet you and Jeff today, thanks so much for the mug, glad the bus is working out for you, especially for so many trips. Hope to see you again before we leave.


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