Tuesday, September 14, 2010

the never ending art journal project

...ugh.  i am holding up the art journal group.  it was supposed to be completed in january.  we all got behind and then i suddenly had two journals in my possession to complete.  the big move to seagrove was my excuse for not getting my entries done.  my excuses have run out.  cindy called me last night with inspiration.  she said do something in clay... even if it doesn't fit within the pages of the book the owner of the journal will love it.
i settled on tiles.  raku fired.  these are miniatures of things i have done in the past.  i will take the next few days to create more and settle on what i think works.

i want this project to be done because i REALLY want my journal back.  my theme was "loss" and we started the project 2 months after john died.  i have come so far in my journey of grief and i am curious to see how others interpreted this theme.
no good excuses now.  i am going to finish this project.

i leave you tonight with my favorite cup of the month...

a real beauty by Maureen Mills of Portsmouth, NH.  Maureen is the head of the ceramics department of the NH Institute of Art, where i learned to throw pots.  She is also the author of "Surface Design for Ceramics" (a Lark Ceramics book).

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